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IA2030 Scorecard



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Impact Goal 3: Build strong immunization programmes


What Does this Indicator Measure?

Coverage of essential health care services using the Universal Health Coverage Index of Service Coverage (UHC SCI).

How Will Progress be Measured?

The 2019 pre-COVID-19 pandemic UHC SCI is used as the baseline. Acknowledging the substantial decline in the coverage of essential health services in 2020, the 2030 target is an improvement in the UHC SCI values at country, regional, and global levels. Progress toward the target will be assessed by monitoring bi-annual trends.

UHC Index of Service Coverage—Global

Summary Table

UHC Index68
Definition: The indicator will measure coverage of essential health care services. Coverage of essential health services is defined as the average coverage of essential services based on tracer interventions that include reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health, infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases, and service capacity and access, among the general and the most disadvantaged population. The index is reported on a unitless scale of 0 to 100, with 100 being the optimal value.
Measurement approach: Indicator SDG 3.8.1 on coverage of essential health services is measured using an index called the UHC Index of service coverage (UHC SCI). The UHC SCI will be the initial metric to measure key aspects of UHC and Primary Health Care (PHC) for IA2030. UHC is defined as ensuring that all people have access to needed health services (including prevention, promotion, treatment, rehabilitation and palliation) of sufficient quality to be effective while also ensuring that the use of these services does not expose the user to financial hardship. The indicator will focus on the service coverage component of the UHC-SCI because immunization programmes' contribution to UHC is primarily through service coverage.
Calculation: UHC SCI will be reported at the country, regional, and global levels.
Data source: Universal Health Coverage Service Coverage Index