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Impact Goal 3: Build strong immunization programmes

Deliver across the life course

Vaccination coverage across the life course—Global
First YearDTP3
First YearPCV3
Second YearMCV2

Summary Table

VaccineBaseline (2019)20212022
Definition: Vaccination coverage across the life course (DTP3, MCV2, PCV3, HPVc)
  • Numerator: Total number of target population that have received the vaccine (number of doses administered).
  • Denominator: Total estimated population of the target group of children that should receive the vaccine.
Method of estimation:

Step 1) Calculate the indicator value. Calculate the coverage for each vaccine and year included in the indicator. Coverage for a certain year is defined as the proportion of the targeted population that received the relevant vaccine and dose in that year.

Note: The annually targeted population for globally recommended vaccines comprises the entire global target cohort, regardless of whether the vaccine was introduced in their country.

Data source: WHO/UNICEF Estimates of National Immunization Coverage (WUENIC), WHO/UNICEF HPV Estimates