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IA2030 Scorecard — 

Global View

Impact Goal 1: Prevent Disease

Control, eliminate & eradicate vaccine-preventable diseases

What Does this Indicator Measure?

This indicator measures progress towards control, elimination, or eradication targets of vaccine-preventable diseases, endorsed by a global or regional body of WHO member states. Achievement of vaccine-preventable disease (VPD) targets between 2021-2023 are based on incidence or prevalence measures.

How Will Progress be Measured?

When compared to IA2030's baseline year, each year should see more countries achieving disease control targets across each VPD and avoiding backsliding, or when a disease previously considered to be controlled, eliminated, or eradicated is re-established in a country. The VPD specific targets which IA2030 will monitor are the same targets that were endorsed by the regional or global bodies. Progress will be evaluated annually, acknowledging it is not possible to report every VPD at this frequency.

Achievement of all VPD control, elimination, and eradication targets—Global

How to read this chart
Countries with
no endorsed target
Countries that have
not achieved target
Disease is re-established
in this country
Countries that have newly achieved target in this year
Countries that have
achieved target
Measles — Elimination of Transmission Target
Rubella — Elimination of Transmission Target
Wildtype Poliovirus — Eradication Target

Summary Table

No. of countries achieving target out of those with target
Target TypeDisease2020
EradicationPoliovirus (WPV)192 out of 194
Elimination of TransmissionMeasles80 out of 147
Rubella90 out of 126
Definition: Achievement of all VPD control, elimination, and eradication targets; endorsed by a global or regional body of WHO Member States, with target dates between 2021 and 2030, and that are based on incidence or prevalence measures. VPD outbreaks encompass measles, wild poliovirus, circulating vaccine derived poliovirus, meningococcus, yellow fever, cholera, and Ebola. The list could be revised, especially as additional diseases become vaccine preventable. Size criteria for large or disruptive outbreaks is aligned with global vaccine-preventable disease strategies and at least one criterion from Annex 2 of the International Health Regulations.
Measurement approach: Monitoring this indicator will require both 1) an annual review to confirm and revise the inclusion criteria for each VPD based on the global or regional endorsement status, target time frame, and the target type and definition, and 2) assessment and reporting, where established regional verification and certification commissions, or verification committees, will assess the achievement status of the disease-specific VPD target for each country.
Calculation: Numerator is the number of countries that met the VPD target, and the denominator is the number of countries with an endorsed VPD target based on incidence or prevalence measures.