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IA2030 Scorecard



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SP 7: Research & Innovation

Capacity for innovation

What Does this Indicator Measure?

This indicator reports on countries with a national agenda for research on immunization. Research agendas will vary depending on national context and priorities. Some countries may focus on disease burden and implementation/operational research to inform new product implementation, whereas others may have wider-ranging agendas. All national agendas should identify priority research areas that increase the likelihood that the country will achieve its IA2030 targets.

How Will Progress be Measured?

Progress will be measured based on country self-reporting through annual WHO/UNICEF Joint Reporting Form on Immunization (JRF) surveys. Research is defined as activities that span five areas including measuring the magnitude and distribution of a health problem, understanding the diverse causes or the determinants of the problem, identifying and developing solutions or interventions that will help to prevent or mitigate the problem, implementing or delivering solutions through policies and programs and evaluating the impact of these solutions on the magnitude, level and distribution of the problem.

Proportion of countries with an immunization research agenda—Global

= Yes
= No
= Countries reported no data, not relevant, or did not report, excluded from analysis

Summary Table

Number of countries2021
Total with response146 out of 194
With an immunization research agenda23 out of 146
Without an immunization research agenda123 out of 146
No response35 out of 194
No data6 out of 194
Not relevant7 out of 194
Definition: Number of countries with national agenda for research on immunization defined and based on clearly identified and prioritized evidence needs and specified in national immunization strategy or other national strategy document.
Measurement approach: If a country reports having a national agenda for research on immunization, supporting documentation will be reviewed to establish what form they are in, where they are situated, and how the agendas are monitored. JRF will assess whether a framework is useful and will assess progress towards national immunization strategy.
Calculation: Proportion of countries reporting yes or no. Countries that did not report data (no data, not relevant, and no response) are excluded from analysis.
Data source: WHO/UNICEF Joint Reporting Form on Immunization (JRF)