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IA2030 Scorecard



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SP 3: Coverage & Equity

High and equitable coverage

What Does this Indicator Measure?

This indicator measures DTP3, MCV1, and MCV2 coverage in the 20% of districts with lowest coverage.

How Will Progress be Measured?

Progress will be measured by assessing the reduction in the equity gap between the lowest performing quintile of districts and the national average. At the country level, countries have the option to choose appropriate measurement.

DTP3, MCV1, and MCV2 coverage in the 20% of 
districts with the lowest coverage (by country) 

= MCV1
= MCV2

Summary Table

Definition: Average over all reporting countries of coverage for DTP3, MCV1, and MCV2 in each country's 20% lowest-performing districts.
Measurement approach: Analysis of district-level coverage reported by member states.
Calculation: Average coverage in the lowest-performing quintile for each country that reports district level coverage. Group of worst performing districts may change from year to year (i.e. no attempt to follow the performance in a fixed group of districts).
Data source: Annual member state reporting of district-level coverage data through the WHO/UNICEF Joint Reporting Form on Immunization (JRF) process