IA2030 Scorecard



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Impact Goal 2: Promote Equity

Leave no child behind

Number of zero-dose children—Global

reduction in number of zero-dose children

Off track toward 2030 target

Summary Table

Baseline (2019)20212022
Number of zero dose children12,926,00018,133,00014,331,000
Definition: Number of zero-dose children (children who did not receive their first dose of DTP) across the WHO Member States, rounded to the nearest thousandth.
Method of estimation:

Step 1) Calculate the indicator value (number of children who did not receive their first dose of DTP).

  • This is calculated as the difference between the estimated number of surviving infants and the estimated number of children who received their first dose of DTP.

Step 2) Round to the nearest thousandth.

Data source: WHO-UNICEF Estimates of National Immunization Coverage (WUENIC) and UNPD population estimates